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About us

What is Thara?

Having grown from a traditional printing and publishing company, we have increasingly turned to purely digital solutions without losing our traditional values and abilities.
The world is changing and we are ready to make our contribution: reliably, sustainably, and positively.

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Together, we are seeing a world that is rapidly changing: economically, ecologically, technologically, and politically.
Our team is looking for answers and wishes to contribute to a future worth living for us and the next generations.

Christoph Deutsch, CEO

Case Studies

Transforming Ideas into Change

We manage the transformation of ideas into projects and

from projects to companies.

We will be presenting some of them here.

Case Studies

Simple. Transparent. Sustainable. is the innovative digital platform for awarding contracts. It has far more than 100,000 customers and helps them in their efforts to make tendering and procurement transparent, efficient, and sustainable.

Its customers include public and commercial clients as well as contractors from various industries. As a platform for Big Data, expertly gathers, prepares, analyses and strategically processes tenders and contract information for companies.

The Complete World of Online Printing

It all began with a small commercial printhouse. Thanks to digital transformation, now has both feet firmly placed in the world of international e-commerce. Since 2015, Printworld has been offering its numerous customers an online welcome-to-print portal and provided support for the production of their printed business and marketing material. Printworld primarily targets companies in the print and media industry, although the portal is also becoming increasingly popular with private consumers. 


Thara GmbH

Preserve Value. Create Value.

Apart from our operational investments, we are also interested in unusual structures. As such, we design real estate with a story and imbue it with a new vision. We know how to create, preserve and increase value – for us and for future generations.


Die Medien AG

Information Logistics

Since its founding in 1990, SDV has developed from a small printing house for official journals to one of Germany's leading mailing service providers. In its core competency of dialogue marketing, SDV offers its customers tailor-made solutions for personal customer contact. The main focus has always been and remains on process automation. 
After a long and successful growth phase, the majority stake of Thara was acquired by a financial investor in 2016. 


Research and Wildlife Conservation

"Protection and biodiversity are becoming more and more important at Thara. After many years in a mainly commercial field of digital companies, our interest is increasingly directed towards the elemental matters of the world that we live in."
Christoph Deutsch




Messering 5

01067 Dresden


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