This is Thara

We are a privately-owned investment company promoting and designing digital process solutions. Our success increasingly allows us to work on non-commercial and philanthropic projects. We aim to use digitisation to make contributions to environmental, climate and species protection.

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We aspire to be pioneers in
the field of digital altruism and to become an incubator for philanthropic platform solutions. 

Christoph Deutsch, CEO

Case Studies

Transforming Ideas into Change

We manage the transformation of ideas into projects, from projects to companies or aid organisations.

We will be presenting some of them here.


The Complete World of Online Printing

It all began with a small commercial printhouse. Thanks to a successful transformation into a digital enterprise, now has both feet firmly planted in the international e-commerce business. Since 2015, has been welcoming its numerous customers online with a "welcome to print" and has been supporting them with the production of printed business and marketing material. primarily targets companies in the print and media industry, although the portal is also becoming increasingly popular with private consumers. 


Here Is Your Contract GmbH supports well over 100,000 customers in the field of contracting and procurement. These not only include public and commercial clients, but also micro-enterprises from a wide range of industries. 
As a platform for Big Data, expertly gathers, prepares, analyses and processes tenders and contract information for companies.

CO2 Offsetting - For the Love of Nature

The protection of nature and the environment are the central issues and challenges of our time. The not-for-profit project CO2NTRA was launched to offer companies and private conservationists a platform for sustainable CO2 compensation.



Climate Protection. Habitats. Biodiversity.

Under the rallying cry act:now, brings together and supports projects and initiatives aimed at protecting the climate, habitats and biodiversity. works closely with NGOs and local people as part of its philanthropic work, actively supporting their efforts and visions with know-how and donations.



Die Medien AG

Information Logistics

Since its foundation in 1990, SDV has developed from a small printing house to one of Germany's leading mailing service providers.

In its core field of dialogue marketing, SDV offers its customers bespoke solutions for personalised and targeted analogue customer contact. The main focus has always been and remains on process automation.

After a long and successful growth phase, Thara sold its majority stake to a financial investor in 2016, thus enabling the concentration on purely digital business models.


Chimpanzees for Environment

The Ozouga Camp is located in the Loango National Park in south-west Gabon, within sight of the Atlantic Ocean. Here science and environmental protection go hand in hand. Since 2005, researchers have been studying and observing the behaviour of wild living chimpanzees in their natural habitat. In addition to the knowledge gained for science, the project also contributes to environmental protection. The work of the staff on site ensures both the survival of the chimpanzees (and other endangered species) living there and the preservation of their habitat. 





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